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Our European River Cruise on the ship Amavenita

Several years ago, we experienced what we considered to be one of the best European river cruises.

Our European cruising holiday began in Hungary where we set out from Budapest.  Our cruise company was APT.  On APT’s “Magnificent Europe” cruise you glide on the water through five countries, taking in the iconic attractions and charming secrets of Europe’s heartland as you cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

We began our travel holiday from Melbourne Australia, flying via Singapore and Frankfurt. We arrived in Budapest, Hungary at about 10:30 am on 21st September, two days before embarkation.  We paid 9 Euros each for bus tickets and caught the shuttle bus to the Ibis Styles Hotel, Budapest City, where we had a great room overlooking the Danube River.  After checking in and enjoying two lovely cappuccinos at the hotel, we set out on a pleasant walk alongside the River, passing the various bridges that connect Buda to Pest.  (Pest means “cave” and Buda means “water” because of some natural springs that were known to the Romans).

We soon crossed a nearby bridge to the Buda side and walked several kilometres, dodging the bike riders and skaters.  We were still getting used to walking on the right side of the path, not the left as in Australia.  We walked along the river, looking at river cruise ships of various sizes, docking, turning and cruising up and down the Danube.

Danube River Cruising

Eventually we came to a large green suspension bridge at the base of a funicular railway. We bought ice-creams (E3 per scoop) and a drink to refresh ourselves.  After our refreshments and relaxing, taking in the moment, we then continued our stroll along the river towards a chain suspension bridge with huge white columns holding the chains.

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European River Cruising in 2021

Is Cruising for Retirement?

Danube River Cruising

Perhaps you are not yet retired or you may have have reached “retirement age”.

Many people think that cruising is an activity that they should put off for retirement.. that time way off in the future when they have the time and the money.  The fact is that, due to unforeseen circumstances,  when that time comes, they may have neither the time nor the money.

In daily life we meet many people of all different ages, but none more interesting than the baby boomers, many of whom have retired or are facing retirement in the near future.  We see and talk to many people who are just about to, or already have, retired and there is a wide range of difference in their attitude of mind, their daily activities and their money?

Why wait until retirement to experience European River Cruises?

But what is retirement age?  The notion of retirement has both positive and negative connotations.  In our country, retirement seems to be synonymous with the age of access to a pension, whether government provided or self-funded.  Many who have followed their passion in life and are realising dreams that they have worked to achieve, do not see the need to change their way of life simply because they have reached a certain age.

Cruising is an activity that suits people of any age.  If you can manage to undertake a river cruise well before “retirement age” you will discover the advantage that you have in being able to go on the many land excursions that require exertion. 

Apart from the benefits of being young, you will have great memories that will last a lifetime.

Rhine River Cruise

to be continued...